Ashish Sinha

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I am a sophomore at IIT Roorkee pursuing a B.Tech in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering.

My professional interests are software development, web development and management. I have built a host of products including Social Networking Sites, Microblogging Apps, Blog Engines, Automation Scripts, etc.

I have developed a new interest in Machine Learning and Open Source.

I have a keen interest in Quizzing, Blogging. I try to sketch the buzzings of my mind on paper during my leisure time.


Blog explore

A Personal Blog powered by Jekyll and Github. This serves as a way to pen down my thoughts on random things.

Socio-Net explore

Socio-Net is a Social Networking Site, similar in style to Facebook. But powered by Django and Laravel.

HEC IIT Roorkee explore

The official website of HEC IIT Roorkee. A campus body which promotes adventurous sports.

Flappy Bird explore

A Game made using PyGame. This is my take on the famous addictive game 'Flappy Bird'.

Gaana Downloader explore

A Scipt to Download Songs from for FREE.

GoT-2048 explore

A web based game similar to 2048. This game is played using Game Of Thrones instead of numbers.

Portfolio explore

My portfolio site. Built to hmmm, showcase my talent with the front-end languages.

Eleos explore

Eleos is a psychotherapy counsellor bot built on Node using the Microsoft Bot Framework and Cognitive Services APIs.

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