Hello World

I am Ashish Sinha.
A Budding Deep Learning Researcher.


More About Me

I am an Undergrad at Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, doing my majors in Metallugical and Materials Engineering and expected to Graduade in 2020! I have a deep interest in Machine Learning. Apart from that, I like reading Novels, watching Movies/Animes and playing Games.


I am self-taught in Machine Learning. Oh! Andrew Ng, and Stanford's CS231 and CS224n are the saviours!

Most of my day, passes working on competitions hosted on Kaggle, reading Research papers, or doing some MOOCs. I am ranked in top 13% in some of them.

I want to pursue a career as a Researcher in Deep Learning. I have implemented a few Research Papers on GAN and CV, also. Curretly, I am exploring the field of Re-inforcement Learning. I have done a couple of projects in ML, which are open-sourced on Github.

I've Got Some skills.

  • 90%
  • 85%
  • 80%
  • 65%
  • 75%
    Machine Learning
  • 65%
    Deep Learning

My Work Experience.

Aug 2018 - Present


Data Scientist (Intern)

Successfully implemented SegNet and U-Net for image segmentation on Satellite Images.

May 2018 - July 2018

Antriex Technoloies

Data Science Intern

Increased the accuracy of MLP Classifier by 1.02% in predicting trade signals. Successfully implemented LSTM for stock price prediction.

Apr 2018 - Present

Vision and Language Group, IIT Roorkee

Executive Member

The group aims to foster Deep Learning research among students by conducting discussions and implementations on various Research Papers in the field of Computer Vision and NLP. I implemented a paper on DC-GAN and Neural Style Transfer

Jan 2018 - June 2018

Academic Re-inforcement Program, IIT Roorkee

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant

Taught General Chemistry(CYN-006) to a batch of 86 students.


See My Latest Projects.

I have worked on projects ranging from Web-Development to Computer Vision. I have wrote various automation scripts to relieve my work load.

Humpback Whale Identification Challenge, Kaggle

Deep Learning

Sangram, IITR

Web Development

Official Sports Fest of IIT Roorkee.

Text Prediction Using LSTM on Lord Of The Rings text


Game Of Thrones-2048


2048 Game in Game of Thrones.

Home Credit Default Risk, Kaggle

Machine Learning

Gaana Downloader


A script to download songs.

Metal Microstructure Classification

Deep Learning (CV)

MURA Bone X-Ray Classification

Deep Learning (CV)

Neural Arithmetic Logic Units

Deep Learning

Rough Sketch Cleaning using FCNNs

Deep Learning

Airbus Ship Detection Challenge, Kaggle

Deep Learning

Santander Value Prediction Challenge, Kaggle

Machine Learning


Cups of Coffee


Projects Completed


Say Hello.

You can reach out to me on any Social Platform. But email is the best option.


Mobile: (+91) 8797 465 974
Mobile: (+91) 7409 235 046



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